Strategic Decision and Risk Management


Strategic Decision and Risk Management

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SDG and Wharton’s Aresty Institute of Executive Education are pleased to offer the Certificate in Strategic Decision and Risk Management, a specialized certificate for business leaders looking to expand their leadership skills.

A combination of Wharton’s academic and research expertise with SDG’s 35 years of real-world management consulting experience, the certificate offers mid-career professionals the opportunity to enhance their leadership skills with a focus on making decisions under uncertainty. The concepts and tools acquired while earning the certificate empower participants to make value-creating, defensible decisions and to manage risk for competitive advantage.


The curriculum consists of a number of short individual programs in topics known to enhance decision making, including strategy development, innovation, risk management, negotiation, and leadership. Participants may select individual courses or complete five courses to earn a certificate from Wharton Executive Education.

Participants interested in the certificate are invited to apply to the program. To earn a certificate, participants must take the following:

Required for a Certificate

Wharton Courses

Wharton courses require a separate application to the individual program in addition to the certificate application.


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About Strategic Decisions Group

Founded in 1981, Strategic Decisions Group is a management consulting firm renowned for its expertise in strategic decision making, risk management, and value creation. Through a collaborative, team-based approach, SDG helps its clients find innovative, creative strategies to thrive today, while also helping them build internal competencies and more effective decision-making processes to meet competitive challenges in the future. SDG’s education arm, the SDG Decision Education Center, partners with leading universities to help individuals and their organizations acquire the skills they need to improve the quality and speed of their strategic decisions in the 21st Century.