Decision Quality

This 3-day course (formerly titled Dialogue Decision Process) introduces the cornerstones of making better decisions:

  • Decision Quality, the concept that defines what we mean by a good decision
  • The SDG® Dialogue Decision Process, an efficient, collaborative approach to organizationally and analytically complex decisions
  • Decision Analysis, the quantitative tools and concepts that identify the best choice in an uncertain, complex, and dynamic business environment.

Senior decision-makers, decision team leaders, and those who provide information to support strategic decision-making will find this program to be a good introduction to the benefits of this approach in their organization, how it works, and their role in the process.

In more than 20 years of delivering this course, we have found consistent success using a blend of presentations, group discussions, and “learning by doing.” Participants work in teams, coaching by an experienced decision consultant, on a simulated complex decision.

Optional 2-day Add-On: Decision Modeling and Monte Carlo Analysis

Participants opting for an additional 2 days of modeling and probabilistic analysis training will learn how to create powerful and flexible decision models and produce tornado diagrams showing the most significant risk factors in a decision problem. We will conduct probabilistic analysis using Monte Carlo simulation or decision trees. The following topics will be covered:

  • Setting up spreadsheet-based decision models in Microsoft Excel
  • Producing tornado diagrams using free software from SDG
  • Evaluating decision problems using decision tree or Monte Carlo simulation software
  • Communicating probabilistic results to decision makers using waterfall diagrams and “flying bar” charts

Who Should Attend

Team participants in decision projects and decision-makers who use the results. Several of our clients conduct this course in-house to inform their executives and train participants in Decision Quality. It is an excellent program for those who will participate in the process under the direction of an experienced process leader.

Discounts are available for corporate teams. Contact the registrar for specifics.