Naoki Shimoda


Naoki Shimoda, a partner and managing director in the San Mateo, Calif., office of Strategic Decisions Group, is primarily focused in the energy sector. He joined the business consulting firm in 1995 and has worked extensively with electric power and gas utilities on strategy development. As a native of Japan, Shimoda frequently works with both U.S. and Japanese clients in the energy and commodities sectors. He also works with companies in a range of other industries from pharmaceutical to electronics to automotive, advising them on R&D strategy, portfolio evaluation and business strategy development.

In addition to his role at SDG, Shimoda is vice president of strategy for ORENCO Hydropower, Inc., a startup venture of SDG. Founded in 2010, ORENCO Hydro develops low-cost, low-impact hydropower generation assets at existing dams and waterways. It assembles and manages a portfolio of hydro projects and provides engineering, equipment procurement, and financing for ongoing projects.

Shimoda obtained start-up experience during his four years at Industrial Decisions Inc., a Tokyo-based joint venture of SDG and Mizuho Securities Co., a financial advisory and energy consulting firm. Shimoda led and managed the venture until Mizuho Securities bought out SDG’s interest in 2007.

Before joining SDG, Shimoda was a systems engineer at Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation. He designed integrated communication systems that handle voice, video, and computer communication data for public and private companies in Japan.

Shimoda received a BS in electronics and telecommunications from Waseda University in Tokyo and an MS in engineering-economic systems from Stanford University.