The SDG Decision Education Center offers a variety of public courses and workshops designed to build individual capabilities in decision quality, SDG’s decision-making methodology. These courses have benefited thousands of executives, managers, analysts, and other practitioners, and have provided the foundation for internal decision support centers.

A wide-ranging curriculum. Publicly available courses and workshops take place at SDG headquarters, on the campuses of our university partners, and at select locations around the world. Our public education program ranges from introductory courses on innovation and collaboration to in-depth explorations of risk management, decision analysis, and other topics.

Whatever your industry, wherever you are in your career, the Decision Education Center’s public courses and workshops will help you learn how to make smarter, faster, fully informed decisions that benefit your organization, enhance your professional standing and enrich your personal life.

Upcoming Public Courses from the SDG Decision Education Center

Click on any course name to read a description, view available dates, and register. Courses in Austin, Texas, are offered through Texas Executive Education at The University of Texas as part of the Strategic Decision and Risk Management certificate program. 

Visit the Decision Education Center website to access a range of education offerings, tools, and resources related to decision quality.