Choose the Right Path in a World of Uncertainty

Key business decisions are often clouded by changing assumptions, endless debate or ill-defined goals, leaving tremendous value on the table. Strategic Decisions Group helps global businesses improve decisions—and how they’re made.

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Create Value Out of Risk

In planning for the future, companies today can be sure of two things—change and uncertainty. Strategic Decisions Group’s mission is to help clients keep their footing in an ever-shifting landscape, not merely coping with uncertainty, but turning it to their advantage.

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Gain Deep Insight Around Your Most Strategic Decisions

SDG specializes in helping companies discover and apply innovative ways to assess risk and uncertainty in order to make the best possible strategic investments amidst uncertain—and unseen—market forces.

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Our Bestselling New Book: Decision Quality

Few things are as valuable in business, and in life, as the ability to make good decisions. Decision Quality, a new book from award-winning educator Carl Spetzler and his SDG colleagues Hannah Winter and Jennifer Meyer, is here to help you make decisions that maximize value creation in the face of risk and uncertainty.

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SDG’s Contributions to a Better World

At SDG, we are gratified that our work has the power to deliver strong business results and contribute to the creation of a better world. Learn more about our efforts to help clients create economic value, save lives and optimize the impact of healthcare solutions, foster decision-making skills, address global issue like climate change and aging infrastructure, and strengthen local communities.

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The Upside of Risk - May 17

Forward-thinking companies move beyond risk protection and compliance and embrace the upside of risk Focused on ways to create...

Professional Certificate

Earn a certificate in Strategic Decision & Risk Management

Earn a Certificate in Strategic Decision and Risk Management The Strategic Decision and Risk Management (SDRM) certificate program provides executives...

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May 1

Decision Consulting Workshop

The Decision Consulting Workshop, SDG’s two week "boot camp" for decision professionals, is an essential step in building or growing



eBook: Closing the Decision Quality Gap

One of the virtues of decision quality is that it allows

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March 28

A 4-Step Process to Help Senior Teams Prioritize Decisions | Harvard Business Review

Harvard Business Review has featured an article from Strategic Decisions Group partner Peter Hopper, who leads the firm’s Asia operations,