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The success template of Indian infrastructure players can be replicated in similar democracies.

By Girish Shirodkar
Financial Express
04 April 2012

In this article, the author notes that while China has outspent India in the global FDI race, it has been successful largely in autocratic regimes. But what works in autocratic countries does not work in many functioning democracies. In democratic countries the rules are more fluid, the decision and opinion makers are a much wider set and the common man has an opinion which is heard. Participating in development in such countries requires a different template of success from what the Chinese implemented.

Over the last 15 years, several Indian players have come up in the infrastructure space and taken up projects in sectors like power, roads, ports, and airports on the public-private partnership model. Success in a semi-reformed developing democratic country depends on three critical factors -- factors that the entrepreneurial Indian infrastructure players have mastered.

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SDG Partner Girish Shirodkar is managing director of SDG Asia Pacific. 

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