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Selected articles on SDG's value-based enterprise risk management program.

Value-driven ERM: Making ERM an engine for simultaneous value creation and value protection
Enterprise risk management (ERM) began as an effort to integrate the historically disparate silos of risk management in organizations. More recently, as recognition has grown of the need to cover the upside risks in value creation (financial and otherwise), organizations and practitioners have been searching for the means to do this.
Stanford Hospital Teams with SDG to Pioneer Health Care Risk Analysis
STANFORD, Calif. – March 30, 2011 – Thirty health care executives spent almost three days at Stanford last week in a special class learning VDERM (value-driven enterprise risk management) – an approach pioneered in collaboration with Strategic Decisions Group.
Value-driven ERM: Managing Risk in Real-Economy Companies
For non-financial companies in the real economy, the need for effective enterprise risk management has become more urgent than ever. In the face of worldwide economic downturn, turbulent markets, and pressure from regulators and rating agencies, boards are demanding it, and many CEOs are searching for the right model.
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