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Increase in seats to Dubai could hurt Air India, Jet Airways
SDG's senior consultant Hitanshu Gandhi explains why the Indian government's decision to increase weekly seat allocations to Dubai could hurt the prospects of developing Delhi and Mumbai airports as transport hubs.
Europe Could Benefit from Less, Not More, Commonality
SDG partner Mazen Skaf argues that nations such as Greece and Spain should have the option to issue new currencies for domestic transactions.
The Indian Growth Engine: Running Out of Fuel?
Buoyed by a rapidly modernizing economy and years of reforms, India has demonstrated a healthy growth rate in this decade. The authors take a close look at India's energy mix and the problems that it faces powering future economic growth.
Denationalize Coal Mining, to Bring Tariffs Down
SDG's perspective on how extended private sector participation in a denationalised coal mining industry in India can bring down coal and power prices in the mid term.
Denationalization of Coal Mining Can Lead to Lower Power Tariffs
Presented at the Fourth Coal Summit, an annual event organized by the India Energy Forum and held November 19-20, 2012 in Delhi.
Sordid Solar: How Misguided Policies are Transferring Wealth from Common Man to Global Manufacturers
The solar sector in India has been significantly hyped up. The government has launched the National Solar Mission and state governments have schemes that will eventually channel investments of about Rs. 200,000 crores into solar in the next 8 to 10 years. In this article, the author asserts that the entire focus around grid-connected generation is a highly misguided policy in the current context.
To Save the Euro, Establish Dual Currencies
Time is fast running out on the Euro.
Playing Chinese Checkers with India's Hydro Sector
The Indo-China discord over sharing of the Brahmaputra waters has prevented the development of hydropower potential in the northeast, including Arunachal Pradesh, considered to be the ‘future powerhouse’ of India.
Moving with the Market
Aashish Mehra speaks out on pharma MNCs and their relationships with their Indian suppliers in Express Pharma's report.
Downward Trends in Private Equity
Girish Shirodkar speaks with trade publication Power Watch India on future financing trends of conventional and renewable energy sectors in India.
Global Advantage
The success template of Indian infrastructure players can be replicated in similar democracies.
Eastern Sunrise: Fueling ASEAN Growth
ASEAN's hunger for energy is expected to stay strong in the long term to support its growing prosperity. Yet the decline in domestic production of oil and gas will lead to increased external dependence and a shift toward coal in the primary energy mix.
Navi Mumbai International Airport to throw up challenges for bidders
Navi Mumbai International Airport could be one of the last big public-private partnership airport opportunities in India in the medium term and is likely to see intense competition.
Airline Bailout: An Idea Sans Economic Sense
Markets are all about demand and supply, and India’s domestic skies have too much supply—2.16 lakh daily seats serving a demand of 1.51 lakh daily passengers.
Unlocking the Potential of India's Low-Cost Carriers
Presented at the US-India Aviation Summit, New Delhi, November 18, 2011.
The Challenge of Managing Rapid Growth
Too often, promoters continue to stay neck deep in operations, call the shots on critical decisions, directly contact project managers on sites, often bypassing well-paid heads and others in the corporate hierarchy. Why?
Chevron Overcomes the Biggest Bias of All
By adopting a systematic framework for making better decisions, Chevron has outperformed its peers over the past five years.
Value-driven ERM: Making ERM an engine for simultaneous value creation and value protection
Enterprise risk management (ERM) began as an effort to integrate the historically disparate silos of risk management in organizations. More recently, as recognition has grown of the need to cover the upside risks in value creation (financial and otherwise), organizations and practitioners have been searching for the means to do this.
Managing Rapid Growth
The next decade holds immense potential for India’s infrastructure sector. In our experience, successful companies do these six things well.
Stanford Hospital Teams with SDG to Pioneer Health Care Risk Analysis
STANFORD, Calif. – March 30, 2011 – Thirty health care executives spent almost three days at Stanford last week in a special class learning VDERM (value-driven enterprise risk management) – an approach pioneered in collaboration with Strategic Decisions Group.
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