A free, five-week MOOC (massive open online course), presented by Strategic Decisions Group.

DQ 101: Introduction to Decision Quality

Understanding the risk and return of decisions is at the core of risk management. Now, the risk management community has a unique opportunity to claim a seat at the table where strategic business decisions are made. 

DQ 101: Introduction to Decision Quality is a free massive open online course (MOOC) to introduce risk managers and others to a repeatable, measurable process for making better decisions. Register for SDG's free five-week introductory course and learn more about the Decision Quality (DQ) approach, which draws from the disciplines of business, psychology, organizational behavior, and decision science.


Anyone can benefit from DQ – from chief risk officers, directors, and risk managers to analysts and other risk professionals. Learn to improve your decision-making process, generate better alternatives, focus on relevant information without getting bogged down, apply sound reasoning, and take action more effectively and efficiently. Register today!

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the six requirements of Decision Quality
  • Recognize the quality of a decision before you make it (not just in hindsight)
  • Identify gaps in Decision Quality and focus your attention where it matters
  • Reach DQ in significant decisions in a timely and efficient way
  • Gain awareness of strategic Decision Quality, decision "power tools," and the role of decision professionals.

This course will focus on DQ as it is used in business, but the principles apply to personal decisions as well.

More Information

Expect to spend about two hours per week on the lectures and assignments.

Course Design: 
This course is designed as a combination of short, engaging lectures and weekly assignments. Course materials, communications, and assignments will be in English.

Course Content:
Week 1: The Power of Decisions in Shaping our Lives and Business Fortunes
Week 2: Appropriate Frame; Creative and Doable Alternatives; Clear Values and Trade-offs
Week 3: Relevant and Reliable Information; Sound Reasoning
Week 4: Gaining Commitment to Action
Week 5: Special Topics

Technical Requirements:
You will need a computer that allows you to watch the video lectures and upload a variety of assignments including videos, slides, and text.

Statement of Completion:
Subject to course completion, you will receive a statement of completion signed by the instructor. 


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Client Testimonial

Strategic Decisions Group takes risk management to the enterprise level. Its comprehensive process, while being driven from the top down, provides fundamentally implementable tactics to proactively deal with downturns because of the clarity and visibility it provides.”

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