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Stanford Certificate Program

The Stanford Strategic Decision and Risk Management professional certificate program provides professionals with advanced skills to make high-quality decisions and embrace risk and uncertainty for competitive advantage.

The program consists of a curriculum of short courses and blends Stanford University's academic and research depth with the expertise and track record of Strategic Decisions Group. 

Earn the Certificate

Complete two required courses and four electives. 

Course Descriptions

Click on a course name below to view descriptions and available dates. Most courses are available online; all are available as a custom, on-site program. Each course is 2½ days in length. Online courses are approximately 20 hours. 

Decision Quality
Acquire an overview of the best practices for making smarter, faster, and more creative long-term decisions including these cornerstones of making better decisions.
Decision Analysis
Understand the philosophy and analytic tools of decision analysis, the analytic foundation for all the courses in the Strategic Decision and Risk Management program.
Advanced Decision Analysis
Building on the concepts learned in the Decision Analysis course, explore the considerations and tools necessary to assist people and organizations in decision-making. Taught by Stanford Professor Ron Howard.
Biases in Decision Making
There are many decision-making problems and pitfalls inherent to human nature. Through individual and class exercises, learn a framework for understanding how natural behavioral processes can produce biases, distortions, and mistakes in decision-making.
Collaborative Decision-Making and Negotiation
The Decision Quality framework is extended to two kinds of multi-party decisions: decisions made with collaboration (negotiation) and decisions made in competition (game theory). Gain a greater understanding of both the analytical and behavioral aspects of multi-party decisions.
Converting Strategy into Action
This course demonstrates what it takes to improve organizational alignment and deliver on your strategic objectives.
Decision Quality Practicum
In this highly interactive workshop, you will integrate the concepts, tools, and skills learned in Decision Quality, Decision Analysis, and Modeling for Strategic Insight.
Ethical Decision Making
Raise your awareness of ethically sensitive decisions and acquire a set of principles and tools for forming coherent ethical judgments.
Leading Strategic Decision-Making
A "decision leader" facilitates interactions among those who support and provide input to the decision-making process, as well as those who actually make the decision.
Managing Risk in Healthcare Organizations
Learn a comprehensive approach for quantifying and managing downside risk and upside uncertainty in healthcare organizations.
Modeling for Strategic Insight
Acquire the understanding and skills needed to build useful models in strategic decision situations and to use them to draw powerful insights into the decision.
Scenarios and Effective Forecasting
To make high-quality decisions, we need forward-looking information that is relevant and reliable. We can't just look backward or ignore uncertainty about the future; our forecasts must include possibilities (scenarios) and probabilities.
Strategic Innovation and Design Thinking
Acquire a new set of tools for finding and developing innovative alternatives for addressing strategic business problems.
Strategic Portfolio Decisions
Portfolio management decisions rely on the foundations of Decision Quality, the Dialogue Decision Process, and Decision Analysis, but the context of optimal resource allocation across many assets is significantly different from strategy or single-decision problems.
Value-Driven Enterprise Risk Management
Learn to better protect and enhance shareholder value. Value-Driven Enterprise Risk Management explores how to create a direct line of sight from shareholder value to risk management through an understanding of potential risk factors, decision analytic methods, and best practices.
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Course Fees

On campus $2,750
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